Wie im richtigen Leben

Mal zum Lachen, mal zum Weinen; mal grau, mal bunt…Wie im richtigen Leben eben


- September 8, 2015


Only one heartbeat seperates tears from smiles
Only one heartbeat is between doubts and hope at times
Only one heartbeat changes grudge into forgiveness
Only one heartbeat and the once refused path reopenes.
It is one heartbeat, that decides between life and death
One heartbeat, that transforms greed into bitter need
One heartbeat sees you making your choice: war or peace?

One single heartbeat seperates time from eternity.
One single heartbeat that lets you choose: subservience or humility?
One single heartbeat morphs despondence into bravery
One single heartbeat starts love’s fervency

Our hearts beat constantly, all day and all night.
Gentle sound inside from elmental might
They whisper a word all the time, you know what’s its sound?
Listen closely and you will find it is: NOW, NOW, NOW!


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