Wie im richtigen Leben

Mal zum Lachen, mal zum Weinen; mal grau, mal bunt…Wie im richtigen Leben eben

Magical Moments

It is a magical moment, when the air shimmers, the heart widens and peace is taking over. Being a devoted fantasy-admirer, I love such moments (ok, I AM romantic! ;)) Close to where I live, river Main shapes a beautiful, charming backwater. This is, where I spend my magical moments. It is like the soul was going on holiday, being out of everyday’s business for a while. Here are some pictures I took a while ago, showing this magical place, my personal Avalon.


The magic is within us

I guess we all need such magical moments now and then. Isn’t it wonderful: that nature offers us the perfect scenes right at our doorsteps? Just keep your eyes and hearts open. There is a magical closet within aswell. Dreams might be minor to a lot of us, but they offer a place of power, contemplation and insight. May we all rediscover the power of our dreams, and may we never loose this source of beauty, wisdom and inspiration entirely.

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